It’s always a great feeling of job done when you receive thank you messages from clients. This is from a fantastic wedding reception we played back in August. So, thank you James and Amelia for your kind words! 🤜

“To the fantastic Deadbeats

We want to thank you so much for performing at our wedding!! You were absolutely fantastic and the guests were blown away.

We first saw you in 2014 at a High school friends wedding, we knew nobody except the bride and one other guest. By the end of the wedding we felt like Owen Wilson in the film wedding crashes, we blame the hangover and amazing day we had to corpious amounts of wine and you the band. From that point we vowed if we ever got married we book you!

We got married this year 4th August at the farm in Cheshire, we had the most amazing day and an even better night!

We can’t thank you enough for creating such a fun, crazy energy and boozy dance floor! It was packed the whole night and since nobody has stopped talking about ‘the band’.

You are all incredibly talented, skilled musicians with a flare for making songs we all love sound even better!!

We wanted to thank you for making our day amazing! Wishing you continued success in the future!


James and Amelia Worth”

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