The Deadbeats Partyband visited the impressive Rudding Park near Harrogate yesterday! The lads were there to entertain the guests of The Ilkley Candlighters “La Vie En Rose Ball.” The band entertained the guests with their Jazz set in the afternoon, then kicked in with the party set in the evening with special guests The Well Swung Horns who again smashed it!!     Having a 3 piece horn section really adds a whole new colour to the Deadbeats sound and the band hope they can do much more of this  in the future. A fantastic evening was had by all, and the lads would like to thank the event organisers for choosing the band to perform at such a special event.  And finally, The Deadbeats performance was filmed last night and they will be sharing some of this after heavy editing for dud notes, wrong beat etc, with you very soon! 😆 📽

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