The Deadbeats Partyband closed the annual Jean Stansfield Park “Our Big Gig” event in Poulton-le-Fylde last night…Wow! This fantastic fundraiser event just gets better every year and as well as all the fantastic performers, its the organisers who give up their own time which makes this a great occasion. A special mention to Stephen Nicolls and Steph Hasty and of course our very own Deadbeat, Tom Horsfield who stage managed beautifully! It’s also essential that the Deadbeats thank the horn section who played alongside the band tonight. They were Ben Chadwick on sax duties and Simon Fitton on trombone, these two guys were running it and are fast becoming regular contributors to The Deadbeats performances. And finally a big thank you to all who came down to the park today to support this, you guys rock! #jeanstansfieldpark #ourbiggig #hornsection #JSVP #desdbeatspartyband #poultonlefylde

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