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Deadbeats in a Treehouse!

There’s a first time for everything and last nights gig was no exception. We played in a very large treehouse in Alnwick, Northumberland playing for Adam and Libby Carlisle’s wedding celebrations! Congrats to them both, we were proud to be a part of... read more

Knutsford Winebar

That’s right folks, we manage to fit all five of us with our gear on this stage! It’s very cosy but we are always have a great gig at Knutsford Winebar. read more
Wedding Lancaster G. C.
July 10, 2015
Wedding Staining Lodge G.C.
July 11, 2015
Poulton Park- 8pm
July 12, 2015
Wedding Beeston Manor
July 17, 2015
Wedding Villa
July 18, 2015
Wedding Manchester
July 24, 2015
Wedding Garstang
July 25, 2015
Private Function
July 31, 2015

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